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“We have a special relationship with him”: Trump removed dandruff from the shoulder of Macron

President of the United States Donald Trump received the French President Emmanuel Macron in the White House, who arrived in the country for three days. The heads of state planted an oak tree on the lawn, made a helicopter tour of Washington, and on April 24 held official talks.

In the Oval Office Trump and Makron gave a joint press conference. During her time, the US president noted a “special relationship” with a colleague from France and, in support of this, removed dandruff from his jacket.

[Around] everyone talks about how wonderful we are. And this is actually so. This is not a “fake news”.

[Turning to Macron] It’s a great honor for me. We have a special relationship. Right now, I’ll take away a small piece of dandruff. He [Macron] should be perfect, he is perfect.

Donald Trump

Trump and Macron are not the first time to show unusual relationship to each other at public events. In 2017, when they met in Brussels, they shook hands so much and so long during the pose that it was a reason for discussion.

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