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“They take the volumes”: the owner of “Bakhetle” asked the president of Tatarstan to ban the sale of cakes in social networks

Homemade cake. Photo from @AlyonaFonya
Homemade cake. Photo from @AlyonaFonya

The general director of the Bakhetle food chain, Muslima Latypova, complainedto Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov about housewives who sell pastries and cakes through social networks.

At a meeting of the Council on Entrepreneurship on April 23, Latypova named self-employed citizens as “unscrupulous competitors” who “flooded everything in social networks”. The owner of “Bahetle” accused “illegal businessmen” of not observing sanitary norms and “taking away” volumes from her supermarkets.

The entire range of “Bakhetle” – everything is produced there. Technological cards are not necessary. They hang in our production. They come to us, take pictures and sell for five rubles. Then they produce houses, in a bathhouse, in a garage, where there are pets. Where does the analysis for raw materials take place? Where is it procured? Are there bactericidal lamps? There are no answers to these questions.

Muslima Latypova
owner of the “Bakhetle”, a quote on ” Business Online “

“We are trying to deal with social networks, where such products are sold. Rustam Nurgaliyevich, stop this, “Latypova asked. The President of Tatarstan agreed that it is necessary to comply with sanitary norms, and promised to think about how to make cake sellers “useful for society”. One of his proposals is to unite the “mother” in state technoparks.

If you make moonshine and treat your neighbors, then there are no problems. If you sell, you will already have problems.

Ruslan Minnikhanov
president of Tatarstan

Latypova’s speech at the Council on Entrepreneurship

“Bahetle” is one of the largest retailers in Russia. The stores of the network operate in Kazan and Innopolis, Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk. According to Vedomosti, in October 2017 the network was estimated at 10 billion rubles.

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