The world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ in Poland began to distribute the Internet

Photos Fakt 24
Photos Fakt 24

In the crown of the statue of Jesus Christ on the outskirts of the Polish city of Swiebodzin installed antennas and transmitters for the distribution of the Internet. Officially, the local church or authorities did not say so, but the equipment was noticed by journalists. This was reported by the publication Fakt 24 and the channel Polsat News .

Journalists photographed the statue of Christ from several drones, the images clearly visible antennas. The representative of the Internet provider confirmed that the transmitters are needed to distribute the network, including the nearest villages. He refused to disclose the details of the contract, but added that the local arrival is necessary for the video surveillance system and their agreement is completely legal.

The church refused to give comments to journalists, as well as in the administration of Swiebodzin. The experts interviewed by them noted that the antennas at this height are ideal for distributing the ubiquitous Internet.

The statue of Christ the King in Poland, together with the base and the crown, reaches a height of 52 meters. This is higher than the monument in Bolivia’s Cochabamba (41 meters with a pedestal) and statues in Rio de Janeiro (40 meters with a pedestal). The official opening of the monument took place in 2010, since then it is the highest monument to Christ in the world.

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