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The firm from Amsterdam established the production of sneakers of used chewing gum

The company Gumdrop and the Explicit brand have established the production of sneakers, for the production of which the chewing gum gathered from the streets of Amsterdam is used. According to estimates, about 1.5 million kilograms of chewing gum “settles” annually on the streets of this city. To remove it, the budget spends millions of dollars.

For four pairs of shoes, about a kilogram of chewing gum leaves – shoes, of course, do not consist entirely of “bubblegum”, but are one of the components. “We learned that the gum is made of synthetic rubber”, – explained the creators of shoes. Thanks to this discovery, Gumdrop was able to create a new type of rubber, reports The Verge.

A pair of sneakers of flowers “pink bublegum”, “black” or “red” with leather top will cost about $ 230. The start of sales is scheduled for June.

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