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Spielberg told about the game in Mario on the PlayStation VR. But this is impossible

Western resources drew attention to Steven Spielberg’s interview with the Japanese news agency Kyodo. In the light of the recent premiere of the militant “The First Player to Be Prepared” (the story is about virtual reality), the director was asked if he himself knew VR. The master’s answer surprised me a little.

Spielberg said that he played on the PlayStation VR in Mario and other games. The problem is that this simply can not be: the games of the Mario series did not go out for the PlayStation VR, as Nintendo, the rival of Sony, owns the franchise.

Resource TheVerge suggested that Spielberg played something similar to Mario and not necessarily on the PlayStation VR – for example, in Lucky’s Tale on Oculus Rift.

The film “The first player to prepare” tells about the global game in VR, which captured the entire population of the planet. At the same time, the real world looks depressing: people spend all their free time in pursuit of virtual achievements.

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