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Severely ill 14-year-old fan of Everton has visited the mascot of the club with the help of a robot

The captain of the football club entered the field with an electronic mascot, whose work was supervised by a young fan.

The 14-year-old Everton fan Jack McLinden, who suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (a separate form of childhood epilepsy), was given the opportunity to become a talisman of his favorite team for one game thanks to the AV1 telepresence robot developed in Norway. The young man is chained to a wheelchair, and also can not speak and is connected to a dropper 24 hours a day.

Captain of Everton Phil Jagielka in the match against Newcastle came on the field with an electronic mascot in his hands. At the same time, Maclinden with the help of a robot-connected iPad could see and hear what was happening in the stadium in real time through the robot’s camera.

We are very happy that we had a chance to do this for Jack. We hope that he will remember this moment and he will always appreciate it.

Scott McLeod
member of the executive council of Everton
MacLlinen observes what is happening on the field. Photo from Twitter “Everton”

This is the first time that a child was able to remotely perform the duties of a talisman in a football match. Mom teenager Michelle Wignall (Michelle Wignall) stressed that for her son, this moment was “the only thing in life.”

The robot was developed by the Norwegian company No Isolation in order to help young people with severe forms of illness to fight against loneliness and attend school from home. To carry out the project with a team from Liverpool, the company worked with the British charitable organization WellChild.

Technology is to make the impossible possible. For Jack, the dream of becoming a talisman for his favorite football club, it would hardly have happened, given his condition.

Karen Dolva
CEO of No Isolation
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