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Scientists confirmed that Uranus smells of intestinal gases

In the future, the weekend on Uranus can be overshadowed by the atmosphere of the planet that is not quite pleasant to the smell. If in the first second of the planet’s stay the travelers do not die from the high concentration of toxic gas, they can smell hydrogen sulfide. The same gas, which is contained in small quantities in the intestines of humans and animals.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy , stinky gas in large quantities is contained in the clouds of Uranus. His presence there was assumed because of the absence of a certain length of light in the spectrum of the planet. Now this was confirmed by direct observation of the observatory in Hawaii.

Gas giants Jupiter and Saturn are not so smelly, scientists say. Hydrogen sulfide in their atmosphere there. In an unpleasant smell, Neptune is also suspected – another ice giant in the solar system. The presence of hydrogen sulphide is explained by the temperature and the place where the planets originated. The ice giants are located much farther from the Sun than their more fragrant gas brothers.

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