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Russian TV channels gave footage from the film for the proof of the imitation of the Khimataki in Syria

Channel One and “Russia 1” were given behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting of the feature film as evidence that the chemical attack in Syria was staged. The picture taken by the Syrian director Humam Khusari was dedicated to another Khimataka in 2013.

A news anchor on Channel One on April 22 said that Western politicians and the press ignored “obvious evidence” that there had been no attack in the Duma. At this moment on the air the shots from the feature film are shown in a shuffle with other pictures from Syria.

The same was shown in the issue of “The Week’s Week” with Dmitry Kiselyov on the same day. However, the report on “Russia 1” contains the statements of Fares Muhammad Mayas, whom the journalists called a member of the film crew who recorded the staging of the chemical attack.

A picture from the shooting of the film Humam Khusari. Global Times Photos

In both cases, federal channels used footage from the shooting of the film directed by Humom Khusari on the chemical attacks of 2013. Production of the painting took place in September 2016.

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