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Roskomnadzor suggested blocking the sites under a new rule that is associated with Telegram

Roskomnadzor suggested adding sites to the “black list” of prohibited sites on the basis of court decisions on administrative cases. As stated in the document on the website of legal acts, this will happen within the framework of the law on information.

The experts interviewed by Kommersant drew attention to the fact that Roskomnadzor’s blocking of millions of IP-addresses in order to restrict access to Telegram is ambiguous from a legal point of view. Therefore, experts are sure, the agency intends to introduce a new basis for blocking websites in order to legalize mass locks.

Regardless of the current situation with mass locks, the supervisory authority suddenly discovers that its own rules do not provide for options related to restricting access to sites for administrative offenses, shows the mess in which the whole block of legislation on restricting access has turned.

Karen Ghazaryan
head of the analytical department of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications

Providers began to block Telegram on April 16 because of the service’s failure to transfer the encryption keys to the FSB to access the users’ correspondence. Due to the blocking of millions of IP addresses of large hosting providers, there were interruptions in the work of many sites that are not connected with the messenger.

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