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Owners of expensive iPhone are very satisfied with smartphones

The company Creative Strategies conducted a survey of 1,700 owners of the iPhone X, figuring out whether they are satisfied with smartphones and which aspects of the mobile phone they like most. In the sample were those owners of smartphones Apple, who acquired them almost immediately after the start of the sale and therefore was not influenced by the public opinion disseminated by the press.

The survey authors acknowledge that a significant part of such iPhone owners are fans of Apple products. According to the results of the survey, users of iPhone X showed a high rate of satisfaction with the smartphone – 97%.

What exactly did they like about the iPhone X? First of all, this design, speed and quality of photos – these features scored the most points. Very satisfied users and OLED-display iPhone X, the interface for the management of which apply gestures. A little less they are satisfied with the work of Face ID, battery life. The lowest score was scored by the front camera for Selfie and the effectiveness of Siri’s voice assistant.

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