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Kanye West taped the laptop’s webcam with a scotch for safety reasons

He joined the community of paranoia after Mark Zuckerberg.

On April 23, rapper Kanye West published a video of his MacBook Pro, where he watched a video of artist and activist Scott Adams. In the frame, you can see that the musician has a laptop camera sealed to deprive the hackers of access to information. This was pointed out by Business Insider.

This “paranoid behavior” is not something new for famous people: previously the camera and microphone of his laptop was sealed by Facebook founder Mark Z

The screen of Kanye West's laptop. Frame from a video on Twitter
The screen of Kanye West’s laptop. Frame from a video on Twitter

uckerberg. If necessary, hackers could connect to the device of the entrepreneur in order to obtain personal information.

The edition of Motherboard so studied West’s movie, which made a selection of applications open on its MacBook Pro.

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