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Journalists of Fontanka paid Durov’s debts, which allegedly threatened to arrest his accounts in Russia

The St. Petersburg edition of Fontanka paid the tax debts of the founder of VKontakte and Telegram, Pavel Durov. The total amount spent by journalists amounted to 4 rubles 23 kopecks. The authors of the publication also published receipts confirming the payment of the entrepreneur’s accounts.

Earlier, the authors of Rosbalt found in the database of tax debts records relating to Durov. According to the publication, the entrepreneur did not pay property tax on a Petersburg apartment in Ilyushin Street, because of what he was charged a fine of 75 and 65 cents.

The authors of the telegram news channel Mash suggested that in case of failure to pay the tax, the Federal Tax Service “can ask the court to arrest Russian accounts of Durov”. At the same time, as Fontanka noted, it is possible to collect funds from an entrepreneur at the expense of his property only if the total amount of tax and penalties exceeds 3,000 rubles.

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