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In the US, the world’s first successful transplantation of the penis and scrotum

Surgeons from the Johns Hopkins Hospital conducted the first successful operation for the full transplantation of the penis and scrotum. The recipient of the organs was a veteran of the American army, who lost his genitals as a result of an explosion of a homemade bomb. This is reported on the official website of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The operation lasted 14 hours, it was performed by two surgeons-urologists and nine plastic surgeons. The doctors took a whole penis, a scrotum (without testes) and a partially abdominal wall from the deceased donor. The transplant included skin, muscles, nerves, bones, and blood vessels.

The transplantation was successful, but, as with other such operations, doctors are still observing whether the body of the recipient will reject new tissues. The patient wished to remain anonymous, but it is known that the man lost both legs, part of the abdomen and genitals while serving in Afghanistan from a homemade bomb.

In a conversation with The New York Times, the former soldier noted that this trauma had deprived him of his relationship.

This feeling, as if you are everything, remained alone with yourself until the end of life. For a long time I struggled to even begin to look at myself as a man. But now I’m all right again.

patient of Johns Hopkins Hospital

Doctors do not know yet whether a veteran will be able to urinate through the penis, and recovery of sensitivity can take six months. However, the man is quickly recovering, he should be discharged in the near future.

The transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital was the fourth transplantation of the penis in history, but unlike other cases, this time the doctors transplanted the scrotum and surrounding tissue for the first time. The operation was also conducted for the first time on a military man who was injured due to an explosion.

In the United States, after Iraq and Afghanistan, about 1,300 military men wereinjured by the genitals, and a third of them are associated with the penis.

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