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In the trailer of the movie “Venom” with Tom Hardy was first shown an alien symbiote and transformation

The picture of the opponent of Spider-Man, most likely, will be without the Spider-Man.

The trailer of the film “Venom” from Sony shows not only the actor Tom Hardy, but also the symbiote, the bearer of which he will become. The fans criticized the teaserpicture, in which there were no such shots.

Symbiot – this is a reasonable creature of extraterrestrial origin, which settles in the body of journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). Shortly before the official release of the trailer merged into the social network.

 “Venom” is not included in the cabled Marvel, so in it, most likely, there will be no Spider-Man – the main enemy of “Venom”. The film also starred Michelle Williams, Reese Ahmed and Woody Harrelson. The Russian premiere is scheduled for October 4.
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