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In Russia, Telegram in popularity is only ahead of the “ICQ”

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) conducted a survey among Internet users, finding out which Internet messengers are the most popular. It turned out that the majority of Russians use WhatsApp – 59% of the polled Internet users said they communicate with it.

In second place – Viber (45%), followed by Skype (41%), Google Hangouts (17%) and Facebook’s messenger (15%), RIA Novosti reports . Outsiders in the ranking were Telegram (12%) and ICQ (3%).

The question was asked during a survey on April 13-14: sociologists asked respondents to answer whether they use or not use this or that messenger from the proposed list.

On April 13, a suit was filed by Roskomnadzor to block the telegram in Russia in connection with the refusal to give the FSB encryption keys. As a result of the agency’s activities, about 20 million IP-addresses were blocked. It practically did not affect Telegram’s operation, however, failures were observed in other services and services, with the messenger unrelated.

By the way, at present the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov is searched by tax collectors of St. Petersburg: he owes the state 4 rubles for the rent,  “MK” informs .

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