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This little robot can make perfect stars and hearts from colored brushes to clean the tubes. A smart machine for making such a simple decor was invented in Japan .

From thin brushes for smoking pipes, you can make many simple toys for children and decorations for the holiday. But not everyone likes the process of making such products. Especially for the lazy Japanese craftsman named Yoshihito Izogawa created the robot Mindstorms EV3 , which will do all the work for them.

The principle is simple: the device is fed with a brush that moves toward the mechanical teeth, which capture and bend it into the desired shape. The robot performs this task accurately and clearly, creating perfectly smooth figures. On the control panel, a small and simple-looking machine has a display, with which the desired shape of the product is specified. It can be a heart, a star, a herringbone, a flower or a cross.

Perhaps the manufacture of simple handicrafts – and not the primary task of robotics , but the robot, engaged in decorative and applied art , looks conceptually. The creator of the bending robot also made a video about how his smart machine works.

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