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In Amsterdam, a robber was detained, who escaped from an Icelandic prison and flew off on a one-way flight with the Prime Minister

The Netherlands police detained Iindin Sindri Thor Stefansson in the center of Amsterdam – he is suspected of stealing 600 installations for crypto-currency mining for a total of about two million dollars (about 122 million rubles). On April 18, he escaped from prison and flew to Sweden on an airplane with the Prime Minister.

According to police, Steffanson is in custody. The prosecutor’s office is discussing extradition of the robber in the authorities of Iceland. Other details the police did not disclose.

Steffanson was arrested in February 2018 and kept in a weakly guarded prison Son: the prisoners were allowed to use the Internet and the building was not fenced. After the escape, the Icelander left the country on the same flight as the Prime Minister of the country, Katrin Jakobsdóttir (Katrín Jakobsdóttir).

A few days later he published an open letter in the newspaper Fréttablaðið, where he stated that he was held in prison without any evidence of guilt. According to Steffanson, the detention period had expired in mid-April, but he was told that the police would arrest him if he left the prison without explaining the reasons. The Icelander noted that he had to sign a document on the consent to remain in custody.

I would never have escaped from prison, if I had not believed that I was free. It is a fact. I just refuse to be in prison of my own free will, especially when the police threaten me.

Syndrome Thor Steffanson

Steffanson stressed: he regrets that he left the prison this way. In a conversation with Fréttablaðið, he stated that he wanted to make a deal with the Icelandic police and return to the country without new charges. It is not known whether this agreement will act after the arrest in Amsterdam.

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