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How to fix Google from the browser line, if it does not work for you

Since the rally is not tomorrow, and you want to use the Internet – here’s a little instruction:

1. Open Chrome settings
2. Click “Edit list of search engines”
3. Scroll down to the “Other search engines” section and click “Add”
4. Add the search engine. The first two fields can be filled with anything, to which he will not swear. The third one is “” (I forgot the https encryption on the picture 🙂
5. Find your new search engine in the list
6. Check that we have it now by default. You are gorgeous!

If you use Yandex browser, then you do not need it :), if Firefox / Opera – you probably already know how to do it (specify any address that is not .com, .ru, and .us). If you use Safari – you need to install the add-on of anysearch and specify “[email protected]@@” as the search engine in it.
All successful Internet!

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