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Hackers hacked the site of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and demand a ransom – 0,1 bitcoin

The hacker, under the pseudonym X ~ zakaria, hacked the site of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and now demands a ransom of 0.1 bitcoins. The attacker reports on the hacked page that a significant portion of the files with the extensions .php, .css, and .js are encrypted, and offers no time to restore them.

Further, X ~ zakaria writes about a painless way to return all the data, but for this it is required to pay the ransom for the allotted time. The counter on the resource at the moment shows a little more than six hours before the hour of X.

Money an attacker requires to list exclusively in bitcoins, payments through PayPal and similar systems do not suit him.

The bitcoin rate is about $ 9.3 thousand per unit.

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