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Websites blocked by Roskomnadzor are not available to some Belarusian users

The legislation of the Russian Federation does not apply to the territory of Belarus, but there are no borders for the Internet. As a result, Belarusian users from time to time are faced with a warning about the prohibition of access to certain resources – on behalf of Roskomnadzor.

we approached by one of the customers of the “Business Network” provider, informing about blocking access to a whole list of Russian sites. When you try to access them, the browser generates an error with code 451 (“Not available for legal reasons”), followed by a comment.

“Access to the resource is blocked at the request of public authorities. The requested resource is included in the unified register of domain names, indexes of pages of sites on the Internet and network addresses that allow identifying sites on the Internet, containing information that is prohibited in the Russian Federation. There is also a reference to the federal law of the neighboring country.

We tried to get a comment from the company and find out why this situation developed and how soon it will be solved. However, the technical support service reported that they provide information exclusively to customers on request via e-mail. Journalist the client of “Business Network” is not.

The material will be supplemented if the provider provides a comment.

Note that such “accidental” locks occur regularly in Belarusian Internet users. As a rule, this is explained by technical failures.

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