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The guy was attacked by sharks, a bear and a rattlesnake, but remained alive (3 photos)

20-year-old American Dylan McWilliams from the city of Grand Junction, Colorado, was repeatedly on the verge of death, and each time he could die from the teeth of representatives of wildlife.

April 19 guy katalya on surfing in Hawaii, where he attacked a tiger shark. “I was at the south shore of the island of Kauai when I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, I looked around and saw a lot of blood, and then I saw the shark beneath me.” Absolutely not realizing if I lost half my leg or not, I hit it and tried to swim so quickly, as soon as he could, “- said the victim.
On the shore, a young man warned of the danger of other people and called for an ambulance. Dylan was seized with seven stitches, now he is still in Hawaii and waiting for him to be able to stand on the board again.
Last summer, a 150-kilogram bear was attacked by a guy. This happened at night in a survival camp in Boulder County, Colorado, where McWilliams worked as an instructor. “The bear grabbed my head and began to pull into the thickets, and I tried to fight back as best I could.” As a result, he left me and stumbled over me for a while, and I was able to return to the group and people scared the animal away, “Dylan recalls. Then the doctors applied nine sutures to the wound on the nape to stop the bleeding. In 2015, during a trip to the state of Utah, a young man was bitten by a rattlesnake. There was very little poison, but the bite was very painful and Dylan spent two days in the hospital. In this case, the guy says he is not afraid of wildlife and can not understand whether he is very lucky that he is still alive, or vice versa.

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