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The brother of the correspondent of “Medusa” was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of drugs

Leonid Zhigulev. Photo by Ilya Zhigulyov from his facebook
Leonid Zhigulev. Photo by Ilya Zhigulyov from his facebook

The Ostankino Court of Moscow sentenced the local resident and brother of the correspondent of the Meduza magazine Leonid Zhigulyov to three years in a general regime colony on charges of possession of drugs (228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). During the investigation, he was in custody.

The court dropped Zhigulev’s charge of selling drugs, which he was presented initially. As noted by “Medusa”, since the Muscovite had served almost half of the term in custody, he received the right to ask for parole.

Zhigulev partially acknowledged the guilt in the fact that he “periodically used narcotic substances”, namely marijuana. The lawyer insisted that he had been given drugs. The defense noted that the police and the witnesses who were present during the search were “long acquainted” and came to the place of detention on one car.

Residents of Moscow were detained in November 2016. During the search, the police found 26 grams of hashish, in the apartment – about 100 grams and scales. This was widely reported in August 2017, when his brother and correspondent of Medusa, Ilya Zhigulyov, spoke about the situation in his facebook.

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