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Scientists have called the complexity of flights into space from especially large planets

For planets similar to the Earth, only much larger, there is the same big problem: too strong gravity. Because of this, German scientists from the Sonneberg Observatory are sure , it would be too difficult to launch rockets into space.

Even if there is a reasonable life, capable of creating satellites and rockets, it is unlikely that hypothetical inhabitants of the planets would be able to send them into space. Specialists have carried out calculations: an analog of the mission Apollo (program of flights to the Moon) would require a rocket with a mass of about 400 thousand tons. In terrestrial conditions, the starting mass of the Saturn V rocket was about 3 thousand tons.

The discovery concerns only especially large planets, reaching a weight ten times larger than the Earth. Some of them are located in potentially suitable places for living – it is assumed that there is an acceptable temperature and there is water in the liquid state.

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