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Modern “One at home”: a 12-year-old Australian flew one to Bali after a quarrel with his mother

The 12-year-old resident of Sydney took a credit card from his parents, deceived his grandmother and flew to Bali after a quarrel with his mother, who did not allow him to go there. The story of the boy was told in the program A Current Affair, the veracity of the story was confirmed by The Guardian.

Drew (the name of the child was changed by journalists) learned in advance that several Australian airlines allow children to travel without their parents. He bought tickets online, then collected his things and told his parents that he went to school. Instead, he went to the airport, checked in and flew to the capital of Western Australia, Perth, and from there to the main city of Bali, Denpasar.

According to Drew, only once he was asked why he travels alone – during a transplant in Perth. “I was just asked for a school certificate and a birth certificate,” the student said. After checking the age, he went on.

The 12-year-old australian prepared for his arrival in Bali: he pre-booked a room in the hotel All Seasons. During the settlement, Drew told the staff that his older sister would be coming soon. The media did not specify how much he was abroad.

The school administration phoned the boy’s parents and reported that he did not show up at the lessons. The mother of the Australian learned that her son was in Bali, and went there to pick him up. “There are no words to describe the emotions that we experienced the moment we learned about the trip,” she said. Drew does not regret anything: “I always wanted to go in search of adventure.”

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