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Living organisms living in the Mariana Trench (17 photos)

The Mariana Trench still remains one of the least explored places on our planet. Even with modern technologies, diving to such a depth is a very difficult task, and therefore only three people visited the bottom. In 1960, the US Air Force Lieutenant John Walsh and the Swiss researcher Jacques Picard descended there in the Trieste bathyscaphe, and in 2012 the director James Cameron sank to the bottom, who was helped by Deepsea Challenger. It was they who managed to dispel the myth that life at a depth of more than 7 km is impossible, because even at the very bottom of the Mariana Trench they met living beings.

The Mariana Trench is so deep that it can absorb even Mount Everest.

John Walsh and Jacques Picard in the bathyscaphe “Trieste”.

James Cameron and Deepsea Challenger.

During the dives we managed to meet various fish.


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