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Is the bone broad? Photos of those who lose weight by more than 100 kilograms

Before the summer and the holiday season, the issue of losing weight is sometimes particularly acute: you want to put the self-form in a good form. But cakes and cakes for some reason negate all efforts in the gym. Resource BoredPanda made a  selection of motivating photos: even very obese people could lose a fair amount of excess weight.

Heroes of these photos in places lost more than 100 kilograms.

It was: 299 kg. 107 kg

It was: 359 kg. 167 kg

It was: 263 kg. Steel: 90 kg

It was: 241 kg. Steel: 171 kg.

It was: 340 kg. Unit: 113 kg

It was: 274 kg. 126 kg.

It was: 272 kg. Steel: 136 kg.

It was: 272 kg. 101 kg.

It was: 294 kg. Steel: 107 kg.

It was: 250 kg. 122 kg.

It was: 272 kg. It became: 167 kg.

It was: 296 kg. 80 kg

It was: 314 kg. 196 kg.

It was: 321 kg. Became: 83 kg.

It was: 306 kg. Steel: 133 kg.

It was: 245 kg. Steel: 172 kg.

It was: 299 kg. Steel: 107 kg.

It was: 362 kg. Steel: 136 kg.
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