India refused to create a fifth-generation fighter on the basis of the Su-57

India is withdrawing from the joint project with Russia for the creation of the fifth-generation Indian fighter (FGFA, Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) based on the Su-57, because it does not meet the stated requirements. The refusal of the Russians was notified by the National Security Adviser and the Minister of Defense of the country: for 11 years of the program, technological and financial problems were not solved.

The key claim of the Indians concerned the requirements for low-visibility. But there were questions about the engine and the radar, which, according to the Indian side, do not correspond to the fifth generation of fighters.

In the future, the decision to refuse and, in general, the agreement on FGFA can be revised. According to , Russia viewed the partnership with India as the main source of financing the serial production of the Su-57.

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