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In Scotland, a local resident who taught a pug to the Nazi salute was detained

28-year-old Scotland resident Markus Meechan was arrested after teaching his pug Buddha to portray a Nazi greeting and filmed it on a video that was posted on the web. This is reported by The Guardian.


According to the representative of the police, the Scotsman was arrested on April 28 because of suspicion of publishing offensive materials on the network.

This video was on the Internet, he offended and wounded many people in our society. There is no place for hate crimes in Scotland, and the police are serious about dealing with such incidents.

police officer

In a video that has offended the Scottish police, the pug sits in front of a screen on which a video featuring Hitler is being broadcast, and in words “Zig Heil!” Raises one paw up.

Earlier, the videos of the owner of the dog had already provoked outrage among users of social networks, and he explained that in fact he was shooting them just to amuse his girlfriend Sue.

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