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In Russia, the Google services are intermittent. Roskomnadzor denies its involvement

Russian users of Google services reported their inaccessibility. The first complaints began to arrive on April 21, but by April 23, there were about a dozen resources inaccessible, including the search engine itself, as well as YouTube, the Gmail mail service, the Adwords advertising platform, the Google Play app store and the reCaptcha robot.

Many users have linked the problem to the ongoing blocking of Telegram in Russia, which affected many other sites and services that are not connected with the messenger. Representatives of Roskomnadzor began to deny that they made IP-addresses of Google services unloaded.

On April 22, Roskomnadzor entered into the registry of prohibited sites at least 63 IP-addresses of Google. The department explained this decision by saying that the company refused to comply with the regulator’s request and continued to provide its Telegram addresses for bypassing the locks. In the Russian office, Google promised to examine user complaints.

On April 17, representatives of Roskomnadzor demanded that Google and Apple remove the Telegram applications from Google Play and the App Store. At the time of writing, the company notes did not respond to this request.

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