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Granat Communications launches a series of expert conferences REDNOW

REDNOW – the author’s project of the Granat communication group, the owner of the National Award in the field of business communications, will bring together experts from the best companies to discuss Digital practices and cases without interruption from ROI.

April 24, 2018 in St. Petersburg will host the first conference REDNOW, dedicated to the information technology market. First – because, of course there will be a whole series, and not only about digital, but also about marketing, advertising and PR.

The conference “Practice and practice of digital-market” is devoted to the newest methods of information collection and analysis. Experts of Yandex, Granat, Segmento, CoMagic will speak about effective work of digital channels for brand promotion.

The first conversation was with Julia Sevastianova, an expert in the service of end-to-end analytics of CoMagic. In fact, CoMagic came up with a new standard of working with all incoming traffic and taught their customers in real time the effectiveness of each advertising ruble. Within the framework of the conference we will understand how this really works in practice.

Next, let’s talk about Big Data. This technology has been actively discussed in various forums for several years, but no more than 10% of companies are able to use large data for financial gain. Leading specialist Segmento Cyril Ivushkin on the example of Sberbank will tell you about how Big Data improves the effectiveness of video advertising.

Artem Poklonsky from Granat communications will talk about how an end-to-end analytics of a healthy person should look, why business needs to collect and merge data in order to survive in an aggressive business environment, and how brands with Microsoft Power BI technology find new points for development.

In the second part of the conference, Yandex’s expert Yulia Nikityuk will talk about the latest news and the latest Yandex launches. We will talk about a new approach to search advertising, the possibilities of media advertising in Direct, the principle of turbo pages and other tools.

In the final of the conference, experts of the Granat communication group will share the tried and tested methods of effective interaction with the digital audience. Granat’s director for strategic communications, Valentina Golovacheva, will analyze the technology of the digital press service of the brand. Valentina will tell you why you need a digital press service, how to organize it and how to measure the results of work and the impact on ROI.

Sergey Shabanov, laureate of Tagline, SPECIA and Silver Mercury will answer – how to coordinate the work of PR and SMM-services in order to reach an audience that does not read the media and make it part of the brand’s history and strengthen the effect of these departments.

The conference “Practice and practice of the digital market” will begin at 10:00 in the mansion of the “PALMA” society in St. Petersburg, at the address: per. Pirogova, 18.

Register and get a ticket to the conference, you can here

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