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For what do the grooves on the revolvers drums (6 photos)

Many of us have noticed grooves on the drums of revolvers, but far from everyone knows what they are for. Meanwhile, they have important functions, which will be discussed later.

These notches are called dolami.

You can meet them on the well known to us “Nagane”. On the drum with 7 cartridges there is the same number of notches.

In this case, smooth drums on revolvers are very rare, mostly they can be seen on weapons of the XIX century.

Dol can be found on cold weapons: knives, daggers and swords.

And it is needed to reduce the weight of the product and to strengthen it. Thanks to the cuttings, the mass of weapons can be reduced to 10%. Dol helps to strengthen the design and saves it from destruction and deformation. For the same reason, railroad tracks are also not made straight.

The dales make the drums more resistant to the explosions that occur in them, but sometimes this happens.

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