Corks due to seals: giant cats in urban landscapes

Art project from an Indonesian 3D artist.

A resident of Indonesian city of Malang Fransdita Muafidin (Fransdita Muafidin) publishes in Instagram a series of photomontages on which he builds kittens and fat adult cats into landscapes from around the world.

To some of the photomontages, Fransdith comes up with dialogues – about what conversations could cause traffic-blocking cats.

🐱: Hey, you! A motorcycle lover, look where you’re going! Hardly in me did not crash!

👷: They can not drive until you clean your fat stomach!

🐱: What did you say about fat?

👧: Come, I have no one at my house.
👨: Sorry, I can not. On the road along the way to you is a giant sleeping cat.
👧: What ?!

Sometimes the artist tries to integrate cats and frames from movies and serials, in which there are giant characters.

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