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Armenian Prime Minister resigned after mass protests

Serzh Sargsyan. Photo by RIA Novosti
Serzh Sargsyan. Photo by RIA Novosti

The President of the country broke the promise not to return to politics, which caused 10-day protests.

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, who was elected on April 17, announcedhis resignation. In his speech, he recognized the rightness of the residents of the country, who organized mass protests.

[The leader of the protesters] Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was wrong. The situation has several solutions, but I will not go to any of them. That’s not mine. I leave the post of the head of the country, the post of prime minister

Serzh Sargsyan
former Prime Minister of Armenia

Prior to his appointment as Prime Minister, Sargsyan was President of Armenia for 10 years. On April 9, 2018, the country switched to a parliamentary form of government, under which the prime minister becomes the de facto head of state, and the office of the president becomes symbolically representative.

Since April 13, Yerevan and a number of other cities have covered mass protests – the residents opposed the appointment of Sargsyan to the post. The actions were headed by the head of the opposition-liberal bloc “Elk” (“Exit”) Nikol Pashinyan .On April 22, police dispersed the rally in Yerevan, detaining more than 200 people.

April 23, he was released. After Sargsyan’s statement, the leader of the protesters announced a “victorious rally”.”These 24 hours I was in complete isolation. I need a couple of hours to discuss everything with my colleagues and deal with issues of releasing prisoners, “Pashinyan stressed.

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