The legendary Il-2 attack plane landed at the National Airport

The rarest airplane, the Soviet ground-attack aircraft of the Second World War Il-2, landed today at the National Airport Minsk. There are only two such operating machines in the world. After refueling the plane will go to the air show in Berlin.

Initially, it was reported that the plane would arrive in Minsk on Saturday evening, April 21, but the weather intervened in the plans: because of the strong wind, the departure had to be postponed. The landing site was also changed: instead of the Minsk-1 airport, IL-2 landed at the National Airport.This specimen took part in the battles. In 1943, the plane took the fight along with a young pilot Valentin Skopintsev and air gunner Vladimir Gumeny. Then, IL-2 destroyed three German Me-109s and suppressed the antiaircraft point. The Sturmovik was hit by a shell of an antiaircraft gun and fired at by an enemy fighter. When landing on an ice lake near the airfield, the aircraft sank. After 70 years, he was taken from the bottom and restored.

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