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The first legal brothel opens in Russia

The Spanish developer of sex dolls Lumidolls will open in Russia the first legal brothel with sex robots . The establishment will appear in Moscow in late April 2018.

The doors of the first Dolls Hotel will be open to all comers. The main condition of a brothel is that the client should be of legal age. As for the “collaborators”, the sex work robots Lumidolls with heating, able to simulate the necessary movements, and with artificial intelligence work in the brothel .

The client can choose any of three numbers – fantasy, with a cage and “luxury”. Their cost varies from 1500 to 2500 rubles (from 25 to 41 dollars). But for rent and rooms, and dolls will have to pay 5000 rubles (82 dollars) per hour.

According to the head of the company Sergei Prieto, Lumidolls does not plan to stay at one Dolls Hotel and wants to open 10 more similar establishments in major cities of Russia and CIS countries.

Recall that the first brothel with sex robots Lumidolls appeared in Barcelona in February 2017, and a year later – in Paris . The company also owns similar establishments in the British city of Gateshead.

The peculiarity of the center for adult Dolls Hotel is that it will be possible to use only the services of sex robots – with mechanical movements, heating and artificial intelligence. The cost of the room per hour varies from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand rubles and depends on its type. The choice of the client offers rooms “Fantasy”, “With a cage” or “Lux”. Together with sex robot rent rises to 5 thousand rubles.

Creating a full-fledged leisure-time adult center in Russia is not only a legal and safe way to diversify your sex life, but also a step towards eliminating one of the most ancient problems of civilization in the territory of Russia – the forced exploitation of women (prostitution), as well as invaluable help to people with mental deviations. After each client, the dolls undergo disinfection, which guarantees no risk and meets world standards

Dmitry Alexandrov
Founder Dolls Hotel

Representatives of Dolls Hotel have promised that over the next months in Russia and CIS countries the project will launch more than 10 similar centers. The doll can be ordered to go home or to a party, and also buy.

Deputy Vitaly Milonov already called sex dolls “synthetic prostitutes” and advised the owners of the institution not to wait for problems, and immediately refuse to open a brothel in Russia.

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