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Telegram asked users to take part in mass action against blocking in Russia

Telegram urged users to launch paper airplanes on the evening of April 22 as a protest against blockages. The message appeared in the channel of service notifications of the messenger.

The action should be held at 7 pm on April 22. Something similar was in the comic book about the “Plague Doctor” from the Russian comic book publisher Bubble: there the paper airplanes were asked to launch the main villain, whose image is an allusion to Pavel Durov. According to the comic book story, the aircraft served as a symbol of the coming revolution.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Telegram on April 16. The registry of prohibited sites was made up of eight subnets associated with the messenger. Soon Telegram began to bypass the lock using the IP addresses of cloud services Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Roskomnadzor began blocking hundreds of thousands of these addresses, but the messenger constantly changed IP to new ones.

April 16 in Russia has already passed a protest action related to paper airplanes. It was arranged by several dozen people at the doors of the main building of the FSB in Moscow, but Telegram did not call for participation in it. Several protesters were detained, but quickly released.

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