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Report from social networks: Launch of paper airplanes in support of Telegram

Photos by @igorvorogushin
Photos by @igorvorogushin
On April 22, all over Russia, actions took place in support of Telegram, their participants launched paper airplanes. The founder of the messenger Pavel Durov called for the participation of all those who support the “free Internet”. After the action, he asked to collect scattered airplanes.

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Поддержала! #telegram

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#telegram #телеграм Повезет кому то собирать

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В поддержку #telegram и @durov Photo by @kon_guy and @_an0ka

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#свободныйинтернет #telegram #telegramживи

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За #telegram #роскомпозор

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#telegram #свобода #свободаинформации

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