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Pavel Durov asked to collect paper airplanes after the action in support of Telegram

The founder of the telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, called for a “small subbotnik” and to remove paper airplanes after the protest action in support of Telegram.

All those who support the free Internet, we call to launch a paper airplane from the window today at exactly 7 pm local time.

An hour after the action, it makes sense to arrange a small subbotnik – to collect those airplanes that you will find at your house.

Pavel Durov
founder of Telegram

He also published an instruction on assembling a paper airplane.

Photo from the page of Pavel Durov "VKontakte"
Photo from the page of Pavel Durov “VKontakte”

Earlier, Telegram users received a message calling for an action against the blocking – the messenger called for the launch of paper airplanes “in support of free Internet”.

After the announcement of the action, many users of Twitter also recalled the need to remove airplanes.

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