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In China, invented a new way to deal with those who cross the road to red – pour the offenders with water

After one such “soul” the second time to break the rules is unlikely to want

Residents and visitors of Daiye city in the Chinese province of Hubei faced new consequences of the transition of roads to red light: now a special system can sprinkle water for it. This is reported by China Daily.

A new way to combat violations among pedestrians is a series of yellow pillars that are associated with traffic lights and spray people with water when crossing the road to red light. While the system was installed only at one of the busiest intersections of the city.

When the green light is on, pedestrians are told that you can cross the road, but you need to do this quickly and remember the safety. If the red light comes on, the system warns that if you try to cross the road – the offenders are sprinkled with water.

Each column is equipped with a motion sensor, so if a pedestrian ignores the warning, he will be watered twice: once on each side of the road. The system also duplicates the function of traffic lights and with the help of lasers shows when it is possible to cross the road.
In addition to the wet trousers of offenders waiting for public reprimand: the device fixes the faces of people and sends them to the police, where the identity of a person is determined using a recognition system. After that, photos of violators with names are hung on the screen next to the intersection.

The new system is only part of the partnership of the Chinese police with the local technology company. She cost the policeman $ 200,000 (12 million rubles). Technology is still being evaluated, but it is noted that it has already helped to reduce the number of violations. They want to implement the system throughout the city.

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