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In Brooklyn postman more than 10 years carried only “important” letters. He explained this by a heavy load

Postman Alexei Hermash. Photo by New York Daily News

In Brooklyn on April 19, the postman Aleksey Germash was arrested, who did not deliver 17,000 parcels to the addressees. He was detained after a message was received on the post about the car, in which there were “more than 20 postal bags”.

Hermash worked at the post office for more than 16 years. He explained his actions by the fact that he had too much work, and he primarily wanted to deliver “important” letters.

About 10 thousand items found in the car of the postman, about a thousand – in his closet at work, and about six thousand – at his home. Judging by the cliches, one of the discovered parcels is kept from him since 2005.

Hermash faces up to five years in prison for not giving out letters to the recipients, he was released on bail of 25 thousand dollars.


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