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7-year-old Indian mountaineer conquered the highest point in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro (4 photos)

Climber Samanho Pothuraju from the Indian city of Hyderabad conquered the highest mountain of Africa Kilimanjaro. This would not be so important news, if not for the age of the climber, who is only 7 years old. The boy climbed to the highest point of the volcano – the peak of Uhuro at an altitude of 5895 meters above sea level.

The climb to the top took 4 days. The young mountaineer climbed with his coach, mother and another mountaineer.

“The day was rainy, I was a little scared, my legs ached, I stopped for a rest halfway, but then I reached the top,” Samanyu said.

Samanyu admits that he loves the snow, so it attracts mountains. At the top, he installed the flag of his country, and after the descent he returned to his homeland. Now the boy is preparing to conquer the mountain of Kosciusko in Australia.

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