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The actress from the series “Secrets of Smallville” was arrested on suspicion of involvement in sex trafficking

Ellison Mac. Reuters photo

In New York, the court arrested actress Ellison Mack, known for the role of Chloe Sullivan in “Smallville’s Secrets”. She was charged with trafficking, she herself denies the blame. Mack faces up to 15 years in prison, The Washington Post reported .

According to the FBI, Mack participated in the Nxivm group, which positioned itself as the organizer of seminars on self-development. Inside Nxivm there was a secret group, whose members forced women to have sex with 57-year-old leader of the organization Keith Ranier and slave labor.

According to the accusation , Mack deceived the victims into a group, and then used their sexual labor “for personal gain”. Presumably, she occupied one of the leading positions in the group and received money from Ranier for attracting others to the organization. The members of the secret group called themselves “gentlemen”, and the attracted women – “slaves.” When joining the organization, women were provided with incriminating evidence on themselves and their loved ones, who were then used to force them to have sex and work. As noted by The New York Times, women were also branded with the initials of Ranier.

Cult Nxvim was founded in 1990 by mathematician Keith Ranier. For 20 years, the organization has officially offered seminars on personal and professional development, but some clients stayed with Ranier. In March, Ranier was arrestedin Mexico and extradited to the United States.

In Nxivm was another actress from the “Smallville Mysteries”, Kristin Kreuk. After the arrest of Ranier, she stated that she had never encountered in an organization with illegal actions and was not associated with a group that forced people to have sex.

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