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Studio Neil Blomkamp stopped raising money for a new film and promised to return all the money

Oats Studios director of “Area 9” Neil Blomkamp announced the suspension of fundraising for the continued short film Firebase, dedicated to the alternative history of the war in Vietnam.

“All sponsors of Firebase..Oats will return money to all who donated them. Unfortunately, we did not raise enough money to do something really cool. We better surpass expectations than do an average film. We thank thousands of people who sponsored us – stay there “

With the announcement of fundraising, only 10 days passed. Then the director said that he wanted to create a studio of the 21st century, which the fans would directly finance. Now the video with the announcement has been removed from the Oats channel, and the site for crowdfinding is redirected to the store with the branded goods of the studio.

Oats planned to collect money for a month. The studio promised to make a film based on the money that the fans will donate, even if the amount is miserly. However, it seems that this was a joke, and the director seriously counted on serious financial support from his fans.

In Oats and did not disclose how much money was collected, but this clearly did not meet the expectations of filmmakers. Blomkamp wrote the script for the continuation of Oats with a focus on the full-length film and a budget roughly like that of “Region No. 9″ – around $ 30 million. Chances to get this amount from the studio was extremely small: the largest campaign for the film collected 5.7 million dollars.

Studio Neal Blomkamp began producing short films in the summer of 2017. The first film is about military subjects: in ” Rakka » (Rakka) Resistance Army confronted the alien invaders, and in the ” Reference point » (Firebase) soldier in Vietnam fought the mystical river god. The third film “Zygote” (Zygote) was inspired by “Something” and “Alien”, and talked about the struggle with a creature consisting of parts of human bodies.

When the fourth film is released in the series, the director did not tell, but it is known that the short film will be called “Lima”, and its action will occur in our days. Between the pictures the studio produced small conceptual videos: for example, a short sketch about God with Sharlto Copley (“District No. 9”) in the title role.

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