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Serge against Serge. Soloist of the System of a Down recorded a video message to the youth

Serge Tankian. Photo
Serge Tankian. Photo
On April 20, Serge Tankian, a soloist of the System of a Down, published a video message to Armenian youth on his YouTube channel. The musician started his speech in Armenian, and then switched to English. In it, he expressed his admiration for the young generation and gave several advice to the Armenian youth.

Radio Azatutyun (a branch of Radio Liberty in Armenia) published the full translation of the appeal:

I would very much like to join you in Yerevan and other cities, as I am entirely with you with my heart and soul. Until now, I could not do this for some reason, but I hope I can do it in the near future. I want to congratulate you on the most successful campaign of civil disobedience in the history of Armenia.This movement is real, and it is entirely yours and must remain so – aside from the dubious forces pursuing your goals. You should know that in the Diaspora everyone supports you, even those who, in different organizations, for some reason oppose your efforts, but at heart they also support you. We are amazed at your virtue, peacefulness and tolerance.This is something special for Armenia, this is a new cultural revolution, and this is today a real revolution in Armenia. You have changed your culture, and thanks to this you have already won.First, avoid the terminology of the “color revolution”, because it is associated with the East-West confrontation. Our struggle is not to be for or against the East or the West, it is for justice and progressive change. We do not want to be a vassal state of any empire, we need good relations with everyone.

Second, specify your requirements. I propose to demand the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan not only from the post of prime minister, but also from the post of leader of his party. Then I would demand a package of reforms that would include the eradication of all those injustices that are known to us.

Third, continue your peaceful resistance, avoid the traps of provocateurs, they will get what they deserve when their leaders one day lose their posts, and they will have to come to you with a request for work. Continue to be flexible, fair, honest and loving, continue to behave with the police as with brothers and sisters, because they are actually so.

Serge Tankian
Singer, musician, soloist of the System of a Down
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