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“VKontakte” banned advertising VPN, but then called it a mistake

The collaborator of the investigation department FBK Georgy Alburov published a screenshot with a complaint from an unnamed provider for the ban on VPN advertising in VKontakte. In support of the social network explained the denial of advertising means to bypass the blocking decision of the administration.

In a conversation with , VKontakte press-service called this refusal an error and noted that the ban on advertising VPN does not exist in social network rules. It is not known what the announcement looked like, but the press service added that they eventually allowed the advertisement and apologized to the provider.

Concerning Telegram in “VKontakte” they noted that they have the right to refuse advertising of competitor services and projects with a similar sphere of activity, according to the rules . After blocking the messenger in Russia, the VKontakte administration started helping channel authors and offered free advertising, and also advised users to set up a VPN.

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