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The UK held out for 55 hours on renewable energy sources

The UK was able to hold a record 55 hours on renewable energy sources without using coal-fired power plants. The previous record of 40 hours was delivered in October 2017. It is noted that the country is actively moving to renewable energy sources and by 2025 plans to completely abandon coal-fired power plants.

The British produce energy with the help of ever more efficient windmills and solar stations. Their number is also growing, and the demand for similar systems is also increasing.

In 2018, near the Brighton coast, the construction of the Rampion Windfarm – the giant (and potentially the largest in the world) offshore power station – should be completed . It is planned to introduce 116 turbines with a total capacity of 400 megawatts. It is possible that in the future the project will be expanded to the originally planned 700 megawatts.

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