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The terrorist organization ETA killed 829 people. Today she apologized to them

Members of the ETA during the recording of a video message. Holiday pictures AP

The Basque left-terrorist organization ETA (“Euskadi Ta Askatasuna”, “The Basque Country and Freedom”) issued an official apology to the victims of their actions and their families. Representatives of the group acknowledged that their “mistakes and erroneous decisions” caused irreparable damage to people who had no relation to the independence of Basconia.

At the same time, the radicals said that “the suffering of the Basque people” began long before the first terrorist attacks of the organization. Calling their attacks “unacceptable and unjust,” the ETA representatives also spoke out against the Spanish government, which they considered to be completely wrong and covered by the “mask of law”.

Spanish government bodies welcomed the statements of terrorists, but called their apologies belated: “ETA was defeated by the instrument of democracy and the power of the law.” The Association of Victims of Terrorism accused the ETA of manipulating history and trying to erode the responsibility of militants over decades of violence.

The organization “The Basque Country and Freedom” emerged in 1958 as a cultural association opposing the Franco dictatorship. Ten years later it turned into a group of left-wing militants. For 42 years of ETA activity, its victims were 829 people, including the Prime Minister of Spain, Luis Carrero Blanco (Luis Carrero Blanco).

The day before it became known that the leadership of ETA will gather to vote on the dissolution of the organization. The need for its existence in recent years has significantly decreased: several political forces emerged in the territory of Basconia, legally fighting for the independence of the Basque Country.

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