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The output of Xiaomi Mi 7 was postponed due to problems with volume recognition of faces

Xiaomi Mi 7 can be the first Android smartphone with a 3D face recognition system that is like Face ID and TrueDepth camera by Apple. However, due to the complexities with the necessary components, the mobile phone’s output was postponed until the third quarter of 2018. Thus, Xiaomi Mi 7, probably will not be released until July.

This technology is good because the owner of the smartphone can change the appearance (grow a beard, for example), but the system does not confuse it, it recognizes the owner of the device in any case. Such 3D-systems are developed by Qualcomm, Himax Technologies and Truly Optoelectronics.

It is noted that they work with processors not older than Snapdragon 845. For this reason, Samsung and Huawei, who prefer their own chips Exynos and Kirin, respectively, are allegedly unlikely to be able to release smartphones with the equivalent of a TrueDepth camera before Xiaomi does it.

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