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The leader of Foo Fighters invited a fan to the stage to perform the song. And at the end of the track he stood in front of him on his knees

The fan added a few solos to the composition, which caused delight among the audience and the band members.

During the concert in Austin (Texas, USA), the vocalist of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, invited a young man, painted as a member of the band Kiss, to perform with him the song “Monkey Wrench”. The frontman asked the fan to call his name, but he did not answer, and Grohl nicknamed him “Kiss Guy”.

The young man took the guitar of vocalist Foo Fighters and began to play the song. He actively moved around the stage, shook his head, and after the first chorus gave out his own improvised solo, which was not in the original version of the song. Surprised, Grohl forgot the words of the second verse and said: “I can not even remember the text, it’s too strong!”.

After the second chorus, “Kiss Guy” performed another solo – it lasted about a minute. And at the end of the track Grohl stood before the young man on his knees and bowed to him several times. In addition, he finally found out the name of the fan – his name is Yayo Sanchez (Yayo Sanchez).

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