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RIA Novosti: “Victory” thought about installing “standing” armchairs in its planes

Standing armchairs from AvioInteriors. Photo by John Walton
Standing armchairs from AvioInteriors. Photo by John Walton
Russian loukoster “Victory” is planning to order for its new aircraft “standing” seat-saddles, which was presented the day before by the Italian company AvioInteriors. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to its own sources in the carrier.

As noted by the agency, now there are 18 planes at the disposal of Pobeda, and by 2019 the carrier plans to increase the fleet to 30 vessels. However, as the sources of the agency in Pobeda emphasized, standing saddles can be installed only after certification in Russia.

According to the data presented at the AvioInteriors presentation stand, vertical chairs allow to reduce the weight of the aircraft by 50%, while increasing passenger loading by 20%. Some commentators noted that this will significantly reduce the cost of flights: for example, the flight London-Paris can become cheaper by about ten times.

Despite this, information about the possible installation of the seats in the aircraft “Victory” has already become an excuse for jokes on Twitter.

we asked for comments to the representatives of the company “Victory”, but at the time of writing, the note did not receive an operative reply.

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